Acton’s Cove Waterfront Park

Acton’s Cove Waterfront Park is a popular tourist destination in Annapolis, Maryland. It’s located at 14 South St, Annapolis, MD 21401. You can contact the park using the phone number and email address provided. For directions, use the map provided to locate the park. The park also offers activities for kids, including fishing. Browse around this site

This park is close to other nearby parks, such as Lafayette Waterfront Park, Truxton Park, and Quiet Waters Park. You can also take the ferry to the US Naval Academy or City Dock. Located only a short distance from the US Naval Academy and City Dock, this property has everything you need to live close to the waterfront.

The spill was discovered on Sunday, but the cause of the spill is still unknown. As of Monday evening, the Coast Guard and contractor were working to clean up the spill. They had cleared more than half of the spill by noon. It is expected to be completely cleaned up by evening. The contractor started working at midnight.

The waterfront park is a central hub for the Acton community. Its 8.1-metre boardwalk is made of precast concrete from South Australia. It also includes timber-themed features such as the kayak cove and round pontoon structures. There are currently plans to extend the boardwalk a further 500 metres. The City Renewal Authority hopes to make the park a premium recreation destination.

The Acton Waterfront Place Plan has been created in consultation with the community. It reaffirms the community’s vision for the waterfront. It is a living document that captures community aspirations and needs. It will guide future development on the waterfront. So, if you are interested in visiting the Acton Waterfront, don’t wait any longer! Browse next article

The new park will be built adjacent to the boardwalk on reclaimed land from Lake Burley Griffin. In addition to the play area, the new waterfront park will include event lawns, barbecue areas, terraces overlooking the lake, and pavilions for food. The designs will be developed in consultation with the community and will incorporate extensive input.

The West Basin park will feature barbecue facilities and picnic tables, as well as world-class outdoor fitness equipment. It will also feature lawn areas and two timber jetties. The park will also feature live music. It will officially open on 28 April. The ACT Government has made a major commitment to improving the lakefront in Acton.

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