Guard Your Smile Dentistry helps residents of Annapolis, MD, improve their oral health every day. Good oral hygiene is instrumental in preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but it may not be enough if you’re missing teeth in your upper or lower jawline. Dental bridges fill the space between your teeth, preventing them from shifting and creating severe problems.

At Guard Your Smile Dentistry, Dr. Dennis Guard and Dr. Holly Gaurd-Mayher, DDS, work closely with their patients to analyze each unique situation and handle them accordingly. If you think your teeth are shifting due to abnormal space, you may require a dental bridge to correct the problem.

If you live in the Annapolis, MD, area and are curious about dental bridges, schedule an appointment at Guard Your Smile Dentistry.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are corrective devices that use false teeth to replace missing ones. One or more false teeth sit in this gap while employing the surrounding teeth for support. Dental bridges typically consist of these two components:

  • Pontics: The false teeth that fill the gap between natural ones
  • Abutments: The supporting teeth on either side of the gap

Why Would You Need a Dental Bridge?

Gaps between teeth can be embarrassing and lower your self-confidence, but they can also create health issues. Tooth gaps can lead to problems with chewing, smiling, and talking.

Other troubles with tooth gaps include:

  • The shifting of teeth into the empty space may alter your bite and smile.
  • Opposing teeth that no longer occlude(touch) missing teeth may fall out of alignment.
  • Teeth that shift dramatically are harder to clean and can invite cavities and gum disease.

Most Common Dental Bridges in Annapolis, MD

Although there are a few variations of dental bridges, the most common types that professionals recommend are traditional bridges and implant-supported bridges. The health and condition of the surrounding teeth often influence the decision on which is best for the patient. Guard Your Smile Dentistry can tell you which type of dental bridge best suits your smile.

Traditional Fixed Bridges

Traditional bridges rely on healthy teeth on each side of the gap to act as supports. These teeth usually require preparation and crowning before positioning the bridge. 

When only one tooth is missing, some dentists will use a cantilever fixed bridge. This type of bridge needs support from only one tooth on the side of the gap.

Implant-supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are dental bridges that implant two false teeth on each side of the gap that act as abutments for the other false teeth between them. This type of bridge requires no crowning or prep to the surrounding teeth since the implants go deep into the jawbone, creating optimal support.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or a whole row while preventing bone shrinkage in the jaw that occurs when teeth are absent.

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