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Many people are insecure about their teeth because of tooth decay or other issues. Guard Your Smile Dentistry offers a solution to various common dental problems with a simple procedure: the safe and easy installation of porcelain crowns.

What Are Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns (or caps) blend beautifully with your teeth, look and feel natural, and protect the teeth underneath them. They can improve your smile and are durable and dependable, made with high-quality porcelain. The colors of these crowns can vary, but we can match them to your natural teeth.

How Can You Benefit From Permanent Crowns?

There are many benefits of receiving porcelain crowns, including:

  • Improve Your Smile – Porcelain crowns look natural in color and texture, providing you with a perfect smile.
  • Support and Strengthen Your Teeth – Crowns are ideal after root canal treatments to protect and support teeth.
  • Restoring Worn/Decayed Tooth – Tooth structure cannot improve by a filling alone, and crowns can offer teeth the support they need. Crowns seal the roots away from infection or damage.

Many people want a painless dental procedure that requires little to no recovery, and this might be the one for them. Permanent crowns can hide numerous prominent dental imperfections and work to support the tooth structure. You might be dealing with:

  • Dental implants needing coverage
  • Decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth
  • Broken, cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth
  • Misshapen teeth or ones with big fillings
  • A root canal procedure
  • Teeth on either side of a bridge needing support

Porcelain Crown Procedure

Regardless of the issue, porcelain crowns might be the safe solution for you, and cementing them is simple. Our practice first assesses and meticulously cleans the teeth the crown will sit on, ensuring we remove decay or damage to prevent further issues or spreading. We may need to shape the enamel to provide adequate space for the crown, but it is often minor and very safe.

We then take an impression of your tooth to send to the lab that uniquely and carefully crafts your crown. We install and adjust your temporary cap—matching it seamlessly and naturally to your teeth—to act as a placeholder until your permanent one is ready. Our dentists cement your permanent crown over your existing tooth with adhesive during your next appointment after another thorough cleaning. They will adjust it until you are happy and comfortable with its placement.

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